sleeping units

Action instead of debate! We want to help and engage socially. Whether it’s a place to sleep or a hot meal we support those affected.

sustainably protect and help

“A head start in life is the one who tackles where the others start talking J. F. Kennedy.

This quotation represents our way of thinking on the subject of “homelessness. No one in the world deserves to live on the streets, but there are various reasons why a person has to live on the streets. However, there are few solutions that these needy people can use.

With our sustainable, protective and dry sleeping rooms, we want to protect many people from cold death and other hazards, create something long-term and give people back a bit of dignity. Regardless of whether we can manage to create barrier-free, safe, dry and warm sleeping accommodations, we want to donate hot meals per completed construction project.

Everyone who entrusts us with their construction project is not only doing something good for the environment, but is also committed to helping people in need.

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