Modular. Upcycling. Tiny House.

building construction

we built a complete work out of your ideas


planning and organisation during the entire construction phase


affordable, always addable and sustainable


have to be serviced regularly and benefit long-lasting


eco friendly construction

We are committed to conserving scarce resources and installing natural air filters to convert used air into new ones.


upcycling technology

Each of our construction projects consists of at least 60% recycled and upcycling materials to conserve resources and breathe new life into old things.


made in the Erzgebirge

We create their complete work in our region with passion and German quality.

no project too big or too small

The world’s population is increasing day by day, housing and building plots are becoming scarce, food and raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, and environmental protection has been knocking on our closed doors for years. With our solutions, we not only do something for environmental protection, but also solve housing emergencies while conserving important resources. This benefits not only our environment, but also private individuals, companies, initiatives and people in need.

We create from their ideas and wishes a complete work of which they can be proud. Individuality, modernity and sustainability are guaranteed from a single source. Their idea is in the best hands with us and contributes to environmental protection without them noticing it.

Don’t wait too long. Let us develop and realise their idea!

let’s talk about your ideas

learn more about our products

Get a non-binding offer for your dream room solution today and let your ideas run wild.

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